Thursday, February 20, 2014

Him and Her and She and He

Collaborations within a collaboration....
Zach Collins/USA (start) and Aziz Qchini/Morocco (finish)


Michael Tunk/USA (start) and Zach Collins/USA (finish)

Target Market
Dan Daughters/U.K and Isabel Reitemeyer/Germany

Terry R. Flowers/USA and Ted Tollefson/USA
This is a stick-up

Zach Colllins/USA (start) with Karin Josephine/Indonesia (finish)
Bubbly Fire
Melinda Tidwell/USA (start) with Zach Collins/USA (finish)

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Target Practice Project Featured in Kolaj Magazine

I recently wrote about The Target Practice Project in issue #7 of Kolaj magazine, a quarterly publication devoted to contemporary fine art collage. If you don't know of the magazine, I invite you to learn more at

This is the first spread of the article, featuring the target art of Magda Dudziak.

Here's the second spread, featuring work by Fred Free, me, and James T. Randall.

And the third spread, featuring target art by Image Butcher AKA Scott Neff and Ana Gabiño Gabiño.

The theme of this issue of Kolaj is collaboration. Editor Benoit Depelteau chose the target art of Bolin Zhang to illustrate his thoughtful editorial.

And here's the cover of the issue. You can purchase single copies (or a subscription) at the magazine's website.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Karin Josephine and Elbourikoloko Delakabeza

Karin Josephine, Indonesia



The Draft


Elbourikoloko Delakabeza

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Up Urz AKA James T. Randall AKA That Hairy Canadian

...a rose by any other name...
Up Urz AKA James T. Randall AKA That Hairy Canadian, Canada
Culture Kill - Season 13 - Attack of the 50-ft. Target
Moving Target - Mermaid's New Home
Target of Slander
Target Sight
Detonics Combat Master - Dueling Pair
Perfection of a Broken Generation Fallen
Targeted Separation
The Incongruity of Combat in the Alien Age