Sunday, February 16, 2014

Target Practice Project Featured in Kolaj Magazine

I recently wrote about The Target Practice Project in issue #7 of Kolaj magazine, a quarterly publication devoted to contemporary fine art collage. If you don't know of the magazine, I invite you to learn more at

This is the first spread of the article, featuring the target art of Magda Dudziak.

Here's the second spread, featuring work by Fred Free, me, and James T. Randall.

And the third spread, featuring target art by Image Butcher AKA Scott Neff and Ana Gabiño Gabiño.

The theme of this issue of Kolaj is collaboration. Editor Benoit Depelteau chose the target art of Bolin Zhang to illustrate his thoughtful editorial.

And here's the cover of the issue. You can purchase single copies (or a subscription) at the magazine's website.

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